• cost COST
  • $85 + tax (approx. $ 65 USD)
  • duration DURATION
  • 3 hours
  • when WHEN
  • Daily except Wednesday, 12:00 pm
  • plus INCLUDED
  • all food and drink tastings, a customized map and list of our personal recommendations for the remainder of your stay in Montreal.

A walking tour that visits at least 6 of your local guide’s favorite eateries and watering holes. From artisan sausages to thirst quenching craft beers, take delight in discovering the surrounding areas of our largest food market!


Over the years Montreal has held a reputation as a city that loves to eat, and eat well. A trip to the Jean-Talon Market helps the outsider grasp the fact that farm-to-table is nothing new in town. Together we will sample regional delicacies and meet the producers who take pride in the quality and distinction of their harvest.

Strolling through the adjacent areas you will gain a better understanding of why diversity is synonymous with Montreal. The Vietnamese neighbor the Italians and further east the Latinos share the streets with the Maghrebis. Sit down for a full-flavored tasting at the city’s favorite Salvadorian hole-in-the-wall.

The “Mile-Ex” district is a peculiar part of town that has boomed in recent years. Industrial buildings sit next to bungalows and architectural firms. Here, young entrepreneurs are reshaping our culinary scene. We will savor the newest craft brews and learn about the progressive coffee renaissance one sip at a time.

Wrap up your day sharing comfort food with your new friends and set off on your own adventure with a list of our preferred spots as we leave you at the doorstep of Little Italy.