Spade & Palacio is the fruit of two born and raised, young Montrealers who are passionate about their city and love to show it.

They originally met during guiding classes (yes tour guide school) and bonded over a shared interest and intention of having their visitors walk away with a day in the life of a local experience. Three years later the company was born. Palacio eventually went on her own way and Spade became the mother of the house with the city’s best tour guides, a proud mother indeed.

It’s simple; we take our guests away from the mains, our tours are non-­touristy. We want to showcase unknown parts while promoting local, young and women entrepreneurs on our walking food tours and your local guide’s favourite parts of town on our bike tours. Our street art tours are top rated just as any route we run. Unlike other companies, we guarantee intimate groups of 10 or less. We hire only local and licensed fun guides. You aren’t sheep we herd around town, you’re our guests and we keep it human scale, we keep it real.

Over the years others have attempted to imitate our style, routes and we have influenced others to reduce group sizes and switch up the areas covered with their guests. We are both flattered and proud of this. We’d go on our own tours and that says a lot because when we travel, we can’t stand tourists. (Shhhh!)


Meet Danny


It’s hard to find anyone else who loves this city as much as he does. Danny has been babysitting tourists for 12 years, first in the Caribbean and now on the island of Montréal. He used to run away from winter. Now with a four-legged husband he learned to install studded tires on his bicycle. He was practically born on two wheels, those two wheels give him freedom. He appreciates anything urban planning and landscape architecture related. He’s more paper maps than Google Maps. His soft spots include craft beer houses and Mount-Royal, which both tend to be spots he visits daily.

Meet Amelie

Avid traveller, coffee snob and craft beer lover, Amelie has worked, travelled, and lived abroad for 5 years. When she finally decided to settle, she knew it had to be in Montreal. Even though she still travels a lot, her heart is here.  When not sharing her passion for the city with others, you might find her eating at her favourite Mexican or Indian restaurant, attending one of the many festivals, or enjoying the weather in one of the city’s numerous parks.

Meet Thom

Born in Montreal to an English speaking dad and French speaking mom, Thom dreams in Frenglish.  His motto is “bonjour/hi” and he’s so completely obsessed with Montreal that he spends his days off doing exactly what he does on his working days:  He explores neighbourhoods as he entertains theories about which bagel is best.  When not in Montreal, chances are he’s either on a train or on his way to catch one.

Meet Lesley

A 5th generation Montrealer, Lesley continues to proudly hold down the roots for her family today. Nicknamed “Miss Montreal” by her friends, she has a lifelong passion for learning everything she can about her hometown. She loves discovering off-the-beaten-path and lesser-known areas of the city and would rather take the back alley than the main street. A photography enthusiast, Lesley’s favourite activity (besides guiding) is capturing the essence of Montreal’s unique identity through her lens. When not happily showing people around, you’re mostly likely to find her wandering around town with her camera strapped around her neck or chilling with a good book by the Lachine Canal.

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Meet Marie-Pier

Born and raised on the South Shore, Marie-Pier moved in Montreal to study visual arts. It turned out that she discovered many passions in this crazy city! She bikes everywhere to attend events, venues and specially the circus festival, her favorite among all the others. These days you can find her most of the time at the local cinemas watching indie or a superhero movies, attending a concert of Montreal’s newest talents, or running in the street, training for her next race.

Meet Daniel

A proud native of Montreal, who takes any opportunity to speak about the city he calls home. Born and raised in the suburbs, he began exploring culturally rich neighbourhoods like the Plateau, Mile End, and Old Montreal when he was still in his teens and never looked back. Daniel spent most of his 20s traveling the world – settling briefly in both Sweden and Japan – and now uses his bachelor’s degree in history and work experience in education, government and international business to share his love affair with Montreal as a writer, photographer, blogger, and certified tour guide. In 2018, Daniel checked off a major item on his bucket list by visiting his 50th country worldwide.

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