• cost COST
  • $89 + tax (approx. $ 70 USD)
  • duration DURATION
  • 4 hours
  • when WHEN
  • Daily 10:00 am
  • plus  WHAT’S INCLUDED?
  • Bicycle rental, helmet, lunch with craft beer and a customized list of our personal recommendations for the remainder of your stay in Montreal.

Welcome to one of the best biking cities in North America! Montréalers love the two-wheel, it’s the way we get from event to event and park to park. Riding through the city on our Montreal bike tour is key to getting your bearings and covering good grounds.

Bicycle Tour Description:

In the first half of our Montreal bike tour, we show you some of our main interests; the majestic mountain park and an abundant amount of street art produced by our local and creative talent. We take you to the heart of the entertainment district and Montréal’s Gay Village, our gaybourhood.
After a lunch picnic and cheeky craft beer in the park follow your guide through the charming residential streets and back green alleys of the boroughs we call home. To understand Montréal is to understand our neighbourhoods with a local.
Our bicycles are made by a local bike shop giving new life to old frames by rebuilding them right here in the Mile End of Montréal. For 2017 our recycled bikes were all given a fresh new HOT PINK paint job, because why not?

So hop on a pink bike and tour Montréal like a local. It’ll be one of the best experiences! Don’t take our word for it though; check out what a few Trip Advisor reviews said about it:

“Montreal has the best bike tours in the world and this is the best bike tour of them all”

Edward C, London UK

We’ll be handing out a list of our personal recommendations at the end of the tour for the remainder of your stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can kids join?

We love kids but our bikes are sized for teens sized 4 ft 8 and up. Consider taking the little ones on a walking tour.

How difficult of a ride is this? Can I handle it?

We’re not racing. We ride, stop, talk and repeat. There’s a sit down lunch break. You need to know how to ride at a decent pace, there is one hill you can walk if you’re not up for pedalling it. Don’t book your aunt a tour if she hasn’t been on a bike since she was 8. She won’t like you and neither will we 😉

Does this tour go rain or shine?

Yes, dress accordingly. If there is a monsoon or dangerous weather we reserve the right to cancel the outing. Otherwise, we ride as pack, a wet pack.

Should I leave my guide a tip?

Yes, if they did a good job it is customary to drown them in money.

Can we book a private bike tour?

Sure! This way.

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