• cost COST
  • $95 CAD + tax (approx. $ 70 USD)
  • duration DURATION
  • 3 hours
  • when WHEN
  • Depending on the day, noon 1:00 pm & 2:00 pm
  • all food and drink tastings, a customized list of our personal recommendations for the remainder of your stay in Montreal.

 No clichés on the best Montréal walking food tour. We’re talking all local and independent, no chains and no commission made! If locals eat it up, you should too! Walk, learn, eat and repeat.

Montreal Food Tour Description:

Montréal is a culinary destination and has rightfully gained that reputation over the years. We’re not talking where to get the best bagels or poutine or smoked meat in Montréal. Let the other tour companies take you there….psst…Google will tell you. Our philosophy is if you’re eating a Philly cheesesteak on a Philly food tour, you’re on the wrong tour.

We visit the less touristy hoods around the Jean-Market on our food tour. From a single mom-no-pop shop we learn about our Latino community and sit down at a Salvadoran neighbourhood joint where locals go. We learn about the different communities that make up the area like the Vietnamese and Maghrebis and then pop into Little Italy for an iconic bakery when open.

The Jean-Talon market is the largest of its kind in the country. We try goat cheeses that are so farm to table they remind us of that scene from Portlandia. We visit a spice den, point out other great vendors, try some of the best charcuteries in the province as well as a few surprises like a forager. Depending on the season our stops here vary though all have one thing in common. They’re delicious local products. You’ll want to go back to the market after the tour.

In Little Italy we explore the streets and area, sip third wave joe and learn about our progressive coffee scene. We head to a bean to bar award winning chocolate “factory” that will showcase some of the best stuff Montréal has to offer, period.

It’s kind of like learn, eat, see and repeat 7 or 8 times with a local who is a professional guide that won’t put you to sleep.

We hand out our recommendations list for more of the best restaurants, cafés, bars, shopping and more. This is hands down the best food tour in Montréal!

“The amount and variety of foods were much more than we expected and significantly better than the 20 other Montreal food tours we have taken all over the world.”

– Bigeye, Chicago IL

Free cancelation up to 48 hours before your tour time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should we eat beforehand? How much food are you serving up?

Yes, this isn’t a blood test. Eat breakfast, and consider the start time of your food tour. Though the tastings vary in size the whole experience will be a hearty meal’s worth of food but you will be able to walk after.

Does this tour start and end at the same location?

We end about a 15-minute walk from our departure point. Your tour guide can help you get to wherever on the island you ask about and the recommendations list will help you explore more of Montréal. You’ll receive starting directions when you book.

Should I leave my guide a tip?

Yes, if they did a good job it is customary to drown them in money.

Can we book a private tour?

Sure! This way.

What if I’m vegetarian, can’t eat dairy etc. Is this tour for me?

Do you still like food and seeing the neighbourhoods? Then yes. Let us know of all SERIOUS allergies/restrictions when booking and we’ll do our best to accommodate. If you’re vegan, we love you but this tour doesn’t. If your diet is an acronym, this is not the tour for you.

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