• cost COST
  • $25 + tax
  • duration DURATION
  • 2 hours
  • meeting MEETING POINT
  • 3523 Boul. Saint-Laurent
  • Station 16 Gallery
  • when WHEN
  • Saturday – Sunday 10:00-12:00 PM
  • 2 hours with a local and professional guide, a customized map and list of our personal recommendations for the remainder of your stay in Montreal.

Want to see street art on a different route that IS running now? Check out our Beyond the Basilica tour. The last half admires at least 12 massive murals and the first half shows you much more of Montréal. This way!

Tour Description:

Over the last four years Saint-Laurent boulevard has been transformed into the country’s premier street art corridor. Since the creation of the first MURAL Festival, our city, and rightly so, has become a world leader in public art.

Featured in the New York Times – 36 hours in Montreal

Shortly after the founding of Montreal, the Main became an important dividing line between east and west. Thanks to the growing immigrant communities along the thoroughfare, the artery ironically created a gathering point for all citizens. Today, centuries later, these works of art are once again grouping locals and visitors, homebred artists and international, to congregate in the middle of where it all began. Spade & Palacio in collaboration with the MURAL Festival bring you the Official Montréal MURAL Tour, a vibrant and historic walk along Saint-Laurent.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many works of art will we see?

Depending on time, probably close to 25. We can lead you in the right direction when we hand out our city recommendation list at the end to keep exploring on your own.

Why does this tour allow more than 10 participants and the others don’t?

The art is public, we don’t own it so it wouldn’t be right charging too much for this tour. To share the experience with our guests we rely on an in the know guide who gets paid a respectful rate. To cover their costs we need to allow more on the outing.

Should I leave my guide a tip?

Yes, if they did a good job it is customary to drown them in money.

Can we book a private tour?

Sure! This way.

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