Are tours canceled when it rains/snows?

We reserve the right to cancel an outing if the weather conditions are dangerous. We do not trust the forecasts until a few hours before departure. We’ll obviously be in touch!

Why are your tours more expensive than other tour companies?

You pay for what you get. We offer small groups and our guides are paid top dollar for their knowledge and work. Our bikes were rebuilt right here in Montreal. Our walking food tour tastings aren’t offered by our partners, we pay for them at an acceptable rate and add gratuity where service is offered.

What should I bring on the tour?

PROPER attire. Check the weather, don’t show your ankles in winter! Bring a refillable water container to keep yourself hydrated. Sunscreen for your pretty skin. Comfortable shoes for walking tours. No flip flops (in the city ever really) on our bike tours. Bring a camera and make sure you share your photos with us. Some cash for tips or purchases where possible is always a good idea. Bring a good attitude, you’re on vacay. Bring yourself to location early, no latecomers accepted.

How big are your groups?

We guarantee groups of 10 or less. Us doing so forced others to go “smaller”. We’ll pass by herds and you’ll understand why it’s worth it to pay more and why less is more and worth more.

Can my kids come on tour?

Duh, we love kids. That being said you know your little ones best. If YOU want a food tour but they are picky eaters, opt for something different. Our bike tours have height restrictions so stay with the walking tours for kids.

Are all expenses taken care of?

It’s always good to have some cash for the tours that offer free time. Our tours are all inclusive except for gratuities. Also, you should buy one of our t-shirts, they’re pretty cool.

Are gratuities accepted?

Yes, if your guide did a good job it is customary to drown them in money.

How do I get to the meeting location?

All directions for each of the departure points will be sent out at time of booking. Check this beforehand to make sure you get there a few minutes early.

Why should I choose these tours versus others?

They’re better. Spade & Palacio believes in having their clients walk away with a like-a-local experience. We aim at showing our guests around the way we would with a friend from out of town. Our tours are offered in a laid-back informal but informative manner. We’re pretty good at what we do and we’re proud of that.

How does Spade & Palacio choose the partners they showcase?

We promote everything locally made without expecting anything in return. We realized we influence thousands of visitors each year and wanted to do it the right way. If a wine bar is killing it and is representing our city well, we want you to know about. If a young goat cheese producer makes stellar cheeses, you’ve got to try them. If an art gallery showcases our local artists with respect, you should check them out. Concierges receive no commission from us, they recommend us knowing their guests will come back satisfied.

Will I be able to make any purchases on tour?  

Some of our tours offer free time for quick purchases but not all. At the end of each tour we hand out a list of recommendations for where to spend. Your guide can point you in the right direction post tour for something specific you might be looking for.

Does Spade & Palacio use licensed guides?

Yes, all guides are licensed and have studied at The Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec.

What about cancellations/Refunds?

Guests must cancel 48 hours prior to departure for regular outings for a refund. Private groups vary.

Can I buy a gift certificate?

Yes, this way.

Do you offer private or custom tours groups?

Yup! We can build something tailored to your needs, this way.

Do you offer tours for large groups?

Sure! We can build something really big, this way.

Should I bring a camera?

Sure! Make sure you share your photos with our Instagram, Facebook and TripAdvisor pages! Don’t bring a tripod, we’re all gonna laugh at you.

Where can I park?

You will receive directions to each of our starting points when booking and can find paid parking nearby. There is an app P Mobile service you can download ahead of time, We strongly suggest coming by public transport and NOT driving!!! We don’t drive in the city, this is not L.A. BIXI bikes are great, the métro is efficient and fast, if you have to Uber do it way early because we love street closures all summer long etc. We warned you.

Are there bathroom stops on the tours?

Yes, each of our routes have multiple opportunities. Let your guide know a bit ahead of time so they can turn on their George Costanza thinking caps on.