What do we need to bring on tour ?

Comfortable attire (check the weather section). A reusable water bottle (we don’t believe in handing out plastic bottles and there will be available refills along the way). As the seasons change, so do the colors at the market, so a camera never hurts. A sense of curiosity and interest in our local culture and a smile!

Why does this tour cost more than some of your competition?

We pay for all tastings along the way (no hand-me-outs), we hire only licensed guides with premium rates for their services and we keep our groups to A MAX OF 10 PEOPLE. No big herds like other companies. To keep it human scale, intimate and real, it costs a bit more.

 Is this tour family friendly?

Yes! We will be visiting a fantastic brewpub along the way, but the little ones can enjoy home made sodas. The drinking age in Quebec is 18 (we know, it is great).

 Are all expenses taken care of?

All of the tastings on the tour are included and so is service where necessary.

 Are gratuities accepted?

It is customary to leave gratuities in Montréal for a job well done in the service industry. If your guide did a great job, it’s always a nice way to say thanks, but it will never be expected.

 How do we get there?

The starting point is within short walking distance to a Metro (subway) station, a bus stop, a Bixi bike stand, an indoor parking lot, street parking (with paid meters) and accessible by taxi. We will send you the exact details via confirmation email for all of these options.

What about weather?

The tour goes on, rain or shine. Most of our tastings are indoors, however we do walk from location to location touring the neighborhoods, so an umbrella wouldn’t hurt if it’s raining. Montréal summers can get very hot and humid. The winters are a whole different story…

Why should I choose this tour versus others?

Spade & Palacio believes in having their clients walk away with a like-a-local experience. We aim at showing our guests around the way we would with a friend from out of town. We are proud to be part of only a fragment of tour companies that share this ideology in the city. We aim to teach, share, and experience together. We love our jobs!

How does Spade & Palacio choose their tasting spots?

The locations need to be locally based/created. We are Montreal tour guides before anything, therefor, there needs to be a connection to our city. The locations are actually our favorite hangouts. We have spent hours in each of them enjoying their products and this sentence is actually being typed from one of them! We call them our living rooms. The products are the best in their league, hands down.

Should we eat before this tour?

Of course! But…bear in mind that we will be snacking throughout the tour with a tasting at all six locations. Generally, everyone is pleasantly plump by the end. We will also have a list of recommendations to continue your culinary discoveries of Montréal.

Where does the tour end?

The tour ends at the doorstep of Little Italy where you can continue to explore on your own. You will be within walking distance of the starting point and many transportation options. Ask your guide for any help.

Will we be able to make any purchases on this tour and is USD$ or €uro on the tour?

Yes! Quick purchases can be made at a few of our stops, and we will be enjoying a bit of free time at the market (cash transactions for fresh produce). At the end of the tour, you will be within walking distance to return to any of the establishments. U.S. currencies are accepted everywhere in Montréal but the exchange rate will be at parity at many places, such as the market. Euros are better off being exchanged.

 Does Spade & Palacio use licensed guides?

Yes, all guides are licensed and have studied at The Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec.

 What about Cancellations/Refunds?

Only cancellations made before 14 days prior to your tour departure will be refunded. We will have to hold on to 7% of the total amount due to credit card processing fees we would otherwise absorb.